How does Supermeal work and when to use it

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Download Supermeal and we bet you won’t have to use any other online food delivery UAE has ever! While all the food delivery companies on which you order meal online are promising their customers the moon and stars, all we promise is instant cashback on all orders. Why go for the extra celestials when we can just give away some extra cash?!

Now the summers in Dubai are going to be rewarding! For every order you make on Supermeal, we are going to drop credits into your Supermeal Cashback Wallet. And we know all the regular online food delivery UAE has to offer doesn’t have a cool deal like that!

How does it work?

Supermeal gives instant cashback to its customers on every transaction made on the platform, when they make referrals, or share their reviews across our social media platforms. Trying to order meal online from all your favourite restaurants without burning a hole in your pocket? Now all you need to do is download the app or go to the website and sign up.

You will find hundreds of restaurants in Dubai on the app all with cashback up to 30%. Order Arabic food online, order fast food online, order desserts or just about anything and get instant cashback in Supermeal Wallet.

What is Supermeal Cashback Wallet?

Order food Online

There will be an e-wallet in the account where all the credits earned will be stored to be redeemed. Users will get up to 30% instant cashback on every food order, be it a giant family feast or a small scoop of ice cream.

Apart from various other ways in which you can earn cashback, there is much more to Supermeal which makes it different from the other services for online food delivery UAE spots. Here are two distinct features you will enjoy;

1. Pre Book – Supermeal makes pre-booking all your meals as easy as setting the alarm. Just mention the time on your check out page, and we will deliver your food when you want it. Next time you throw a party, order fast food online on Supermeal and delivery is going to be the least of your worries.

2. Dine-in – If you are planning to order meal online, you need to know that most of the food ordering in the region do not give the users access to their offers and promotions unless they are a part of a paid membership package. Supermeal loves everyone! You can book a table and avail instant cashback without being part of any premium packages.

3. Takeaway – What can be better? We’ll tell you! Options to order meal online to collect your order as takeaways are almost non-existent in the region. On Supermeal you can just order and collect your meal and still get instant cash.

How to Order and Get Cashback?

Browse through all of our delicious dishes from your favourite restaurants and place your order. Ice creams, cakes, biryanis or elaborately order Arabic food online and add to cart on your Supermeal app. When you checkout you will find the option to pay from your cashback or apply PROMO code. Choose your delivery location, time of delivery and type of order if it is delivery, dine-in or takeaway and hit the order button!

Now, what is common between Fast Food and Supermeal?

It is delicious, fast and INSTANT. Ordering from Supermeal and getting cashback is kind of like that! Does that get you craving for some crunchy munchy broasted chicken or ooey gooey pizza? Order fast food online on Supermeal and get your cashback instantly!

You will be able to see all the details about your cashback credits in your app when you sign up and you can use it to order food at any time. You don’t have to reach any minimum limit to be able to redeem your cashback.

You are going to be rewarded even for a quick coffee order or when you order Arabic food online for your whole group!

Supermeal Cashback Wallet

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