How the Trend to Order Fast Food Online Grow During 2020

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With the rise of the pandemic, the practice of staying indoors became familiar and crucial. Till a certain point, people managed cooking at home. After a while, everyone started to order fast food online. U.A.E. was up to speed with the situation in no time and almost everything went online. Footfall in restaurants went down when it came to dine in and take away, however, people were beginning to order meal online on a regular basis.

All the restaurants and chains made it easier to order fast food online. Winters of 2019 and 2020 were spent at home chilling with family and friends and everyone’s favorite fast food home delivery in Dubai. Have you wondered why do we love fast food so much?

Neuroscience studies suggest that the joy we feel when we eat our favorite fast food is closely linked to our memory. Why do we watch our most favorite movies or series repeatedly? Similarly Fast Food has been engineered to give you the same food experience every time you eat and therefore becomes the most unbeatable comfort food ever!

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Let’s have a look at the most popular food items that people prefer to order.

  1. Pizza

    Of course, pizza has to be on top of the list. It is the best comfort food and the easiest when it comes to order fast food online with majority of the restaurants incorporating it in their menu.

  2. Burgers

    Another most popular food for fast food home delivery in Dubai is the burger. The burger joints are not only limited to the bigger brands in Dubai. There are various small and mid-level restaurants serving many varieties in burgers.

  3. Shawarma

    Shawarma is one of the most loved foods in U.A.E. and having missed it while staying at home, a lot of people jumped at the opportunity of ordering it online.

  4. Acai

    One of the foods that is gaining popularity is acai. People are loving the different combinations of acai bowls available especially for breakfast.

  5. Hummus

    Hummus is the favorite food of almost every person staying in U.A.E. Freshly made hummus combined with warm oven baked bread is another item that became popular for ordering.

Everyone adapted to contactless deliveries and with stricter safety and hygiene standards everyone started using online food delivery apps in Dubai. Many restaurants started direct fast food home delivery in Dubai seeing the rising popularity. A few larger groups of restaurants also started apps that helped their customers to directly order meal online.  Many online food delivery apps in Dubai were newly launched and gave offers that were unique to the market.

Supermeal launched around the same time offering its users unique advantages of online ordering. Here’s a list of the best features of Supermeal.

fast food home delivery in Dubai
Benefits of Supermeal
  • Registered users can earn cashback on every order they place.
  • Supermeal also provides each user with their own unique referral code with which their friends and family can register. This helps the user to earn cashback on every order placed by people who registered using their referral code.
  • Another way that users can earn cashback is by reviewing their orders.

What distinguishes Supermeal from other food ordering apps is that the cashback earned can be used in future orders from any restaurant. It does not limit the customers to receiving discount from only one restaurant. Supermeal has restaurants offering cashback upto 30% of the bill total thereby giving the users a chance to earn more cashback in their Supermeal wallet.
When the restrictions were lifted customers started pouring in for dine in but the restaurants were given a limited quantity of people they could seat. Supermeal came to the rescue by giving their users an option to pre-order their dine in and take away meals. Do check out some of the restaurants on Supermeal serving these popular dishes and you could earn some great cashback. On that note, Happy Ordering!

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