Supermeal: The Latest Player in The Online Food Delivery UAE Sector

Order meals online

UAE has seen an abrupt and sharp growth in the online food delivery segment since the beginning of the global pandemic. As the country installed thorough COVID protocols, residents had to get used to a new way of enjoying life indoors. Players in the Online food delivery UAE market were quick to seize the opportunity to roll out innovative services.

Supermeal breaks the fourth wall in the online food ordering service by bringing in various features which enable the users to earn cashback as well. The business model of Supermeal takes a holistic approach that includes the best interests of restaurants and end-users.

Statista reports, “global revenue projections in the online food delivery segment show $151.5 billion in 2021 and online food delivery UAE market is the second-largest with annual market size of US$ 834 million.”

Join Supermeal and Get Cashback!

Order meals online

Supermeal aims to make ordering your meals easy, convenient, and pocket-friendly. Here are the various ways in which you can interact with the app and get instant cashback!

Order and get instant cashbackOrder meals online on Supermeal and get from 5% to 30% instant cashback in your Supermeal wallet. On any order you make: delivery, takeaway, or dine-in, we guarantee you instant cashback in your wallet.

Refer and Get cashRefer your friends using the referral code you receive when you register and get cashback every time your friends order. What makes this feature unique, is that unlike any other services for online food delivery UAE has, this is a lifetime feature on Supermeal. As long as your referrals order, you get cashback every time!

Review and Reward – Get cashback on Supermeal not only when you order meal online or refer friends but also when you review your order. Your feedback is truly valuable to us. Share your order review on your social media handle and get instant cashback in your Supermeal cashback wallet.

Recommendations – When it comes to food, every person has their own unique tastes and preferences. If you are the first person to recommend a restaurant and they come on board, you will get the cash credited into your Supermeal Wallet. So hurry up! Is your favourite place to order fast food online on Supermeal as yet? Be the first to recommend!

Be a part of Supermeal Community – Follow us on Social Media and be a part of the Supermeal Community. We share information about our features, restaurants, offers and we even have activities and games where you can win more cashback.

Supermeal is for all!

Online food delivery UAE

Like we do not charge our restaurants any sign-up or registration fee, we don’t have any subscription or premium packages for our users as well. Users can get cashback when they order delivery, get takeaway, or dine-in. Order your breakfast, lunch, dinner meals, or order fast food online and get rewarded every single time!

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