What are the best dishes to order when planning an Indian food online delivery for your next party?

Order Indian Food Online

Got a party coming up? Get on Supermeal and pre-book your Indian food online delivery right away! Indians form a whopping 28% of the total population in the UAE. So, if you have been a resident of this glorious nation, chances are close to zero that you have not tasted Indian food. But did you know that Indian cuisine has great party food and you are missing out on fun appetizers and desserts if you have not tried them as yet!

Ordering for your special occasion is easy on Supermeal. Why? Even though most of the online food delivery apps in Dubai have hundreds of Indian restaurants, a lot of them don’t have the feature of pre-booking or takeaway. Here are three reasons why you should place orders for Indian food online delivery for your next party!

1. Desi Drinks for the Win!

Indian cuisine has some very refreshing, healthy, and super fun drinks. It’s our promise, order cold drinks online on Supermeal and you won’t regret it! Very few online food delivery apps in Dubai (if at all!) let you pre-book or order takeaway and Supermeal is one. This means you can get your drinks freshly made and collect them when you want to.

If you are into sweet, creamy and rich drinks then you have to try Almond Saffron milk. Full of nutty goodness and exotic taste of saffron and spices, this drink is sure to floor your guests. Do you prefer something tangy? Try the spicy mint lemonade with some black salt and a sliver of green chilly or the healthy mint lassi. So, when you are placing your order for Indian food online delivery on Supermeal don’t forget to browse through the drinks section and order cold drinks online as well.

2. Jumpstart your Party with Super Snacks!

Indian cuisine can be called the king of snacks! There is an endless variety of snacks ranging from crisps and chips to filling (literally) samosas and sandwiches. Party or no party, we strongly recommend the Chai & Samosa combination to everyone who has not tried it yet! And Supermeal is going to be your partner in crime when the munchies strike. How many online food delivery apps in Dubai do you know let you order online and walk into the restaurant in time to have it? Supermeal does! Order your tea and snacks online and choose the Dine-in option. Go to the restaurant when your order is ready to have steaming hot fresh food.

Coming back to your party, here are some snacks you should give a try;

Samosas (Must * 100 times try!)

Banana Chips

Bombay Sandwich

Chaat (the ultimate fun food!)


Indian food online delivery

3. These desserts come first!

Did Indian sweets ever cross your mind when you had to order desserts online delivery? Dessert places are a very common sight in all the online food delivery apps in Dubai. What is not common is Indian Desserts. Placing an order for Indian food online delivery is incomplete if you have not ordered desserts.

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to Indian desserts. From fudgy sweet Barfees to rich creamy puddings, you will find it all! Open your app and pick an Indian restaurant, here are our top picks for you to order desserts online delivery on Supermeal;

Barfee – These are fudgy milk bars that come in different flavors like pistachio, almonds, saffron, and even chocolate

Ras Malai – Indian version of the famous milk cake. The cakes in Ras Malai are entirely made of milk solids

Kheer – Indian rice pudding. Rich and flavored with the exotic Kewra water and saffron, this is more comfort food than dessert.

Kulfi – This one you may not be able to get if you are going to order desserts online delivery but you can order a takeaway on Supermeal. It is a homemade Indian ice cream mildly flavored with cardamoms, dry fruits, and saffron.

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Don’t Forget to Apply Your Cashback!

Delivery, dine-in, or takeaway, whichever way you plan to order, don’t forget to use your cashback on your check-out page and save some money! The amazing thing about Supermeal is that even when you use your cashback, you still get to earn cashback of up to 30% on your total bill. All the more reason to order now! So even if it is only to order cold drinks online, Supermeal is your one-stop food street!

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1 year ago

Well said! So much to explore when it comes to Indian food.

1 year ago

You forgot to mention our very own desi burgers – Vada Paav!! I love all the pav sliders from O Pao. Must must must try!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Azra