What are the best places to order Arabic food online in Dubai?

order Arabic food online
Image showcasing variety of Arabic Food

Dubai is the land of comfort food. One click of a button and your favourite soul food is here on your table. However, how often do you order Arabic food online? Well even though the saying goes, when in Rome be a Roman, there isn’t really a standard way to experience Arabic food. The truth is every Arab country has a variety of dishes with different flavours, spices, and preparations. So no! You can’t just have Mandi or grill platter and claim you love Arabic food.  

So next time you plan to order fast food online, we suggest you take a break and instead go for some lazeez Arabic dishes. And since we are on the topic of ordering online, let us remind you that Supermeal is among the top online food delivery apps in Dubai that gives cashback to its users on every order. Get cash when you order meal online, go for dine-in or collect a takeaway. Get cash also when you share your valuable reviews on social media and also every time your friends order! Nope they are not baits or introductory offer, or with a catch (we don’t have “no cooking offers” that promise huge percentage discount only to say *not more than AED… 😉) 

Now that you have made up your mind to order Arabic food online, let us help you explore the beautiful and diverse culinary landscape of the Middle East. Ready to order meal online? Give these dishes (that are not mandi or grill platter) a try. And don’t forget, no other online food delivery apps in Dubai will give you more cash when you order more! 

Hot & Cold Mezza from Al Falak Café 

We bet you have won’t have to order fast food online once you get hooked on the snacky and addictive Mezza items. Mezze is a platter of itsy-bitsy dishes that are had as appetizers or when you want to have a light meal. Hot Mezzes typically have fried Kibbeh, Sambousek, Grilled Halloumi, and Cold ones include dips like Hummus, Mutabbal, etc.  

Lamb Thareed from Umaya Maryam Kitchen 

This is not a dish that you will typically choose when you order Arabic food online, and that’s what makes it special! Lamb Thareed is slow-cooked deliciousness full of rich gooey vegetables, stewed meat, and tangy spices. Thareed is a complete one dish, and it will fill you with warmth inside. 

Koshary from Koshary Abutarek and Halawani 

If you have not had Koshary, please order it right now! Koshary is the perfect solution to those munch-attacks when you reach for packaged chips, chocolate, and what-nots. This light flavourful dish is made with brown rice, chickpeas, and crispy onions topped with a generous serving of spicy sauce. Planning to order fast food online for your Netflix time? Get Koshary instead! 

Osmalia with Cream from Nabeel Nafsiah Sweets 

Folks, Kunafa is not the only Arabic sweet out there! Arabic Dessert variety is so huge, diverse and so rich that you might just forget about all the other sweets. Osmalia is a great start to your sweet exploration. it is a light crispy stringy pancake-like Kunafa stuffed with Kashta cream. Check out all the decadent sweet treats at Nabeel Nafsiah while you are at it! 

Muhammara & Cheese Manakish from Sit Al Kol 

If you are among those who like your food spicy then Muhammara is a must-try! It’s a savoury spice dip made of roasted red pepper and walnuts which just melts in your mouth. Spread it thick on fluffy dough, sprinkle some cheese on it and bake it up. That’s Manakish for you.  It’s time to renovate the cliched pizza party… Let’s have a Manakish party instead! 

 online food delivery apps in Dubai


Now you are ready to order Arabic food online! These are only a few (very few) items that give you a peek into the different dishes in Arabic cuisine. Emarati, Turkish, Lebanese, Syrian, Palestinian, Iranian, Iraqi, Saudi… the option are endless! 

There is nothing more rewarding than delicious satisfying food…literally! How many other online food delivery apps in Dubai you know pays you cashback every single time you order, your friends order, or even when you share your reviews on Facebook? So get ordering now!

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