Why Supermeal is Different from All the Other Online Food Delivery Services


Top 3 reasons why the newest food delivery app Dubai brings to you should be on your phones

Supermeal is all set to kick off its delicious journey in the Middle East beginning with Dubai. You are not alone if you are wondering what is so special about another online food delivery service coming to a city that has a delivery option for just about anything. Supermeal is a unique concept that constantly rewards its customers on every order, well that is not entirely true, we will reward you even when you don’t order!

Yes, you heard it right! Fast food delivery app might be common, and you might have tonnes of them already on your phone. With Supermeal, you can bid them all adieu! (And save some precious storage on your phone). We bring to you an app that rewards you not only with all your favourite food options but also instant cash every single time you order. If that is not exciting enough, read on to know what else is in store.

1. Supermeal will give instant cashback on every delivery, dine-in, or takeaway. Unlike other top food delivery companies, we don’t have a premium membership programme to stop you from getting your well-deserved cash rewards when you dine-in or collect takeaway. But even that’s not the twist in the story!

2. Our lifetime Refer A Friend option allows you to invite your loved ones to Supermeal and earn instant cash every time they make an order, forever! So, pick up that call from your aunt or give a reply to that old friend whose text is still hanging in the air, because we think it’s time to make good with all your circle now!

3. Now coming to the superstar feature, on Supermeal earning cash is as simple as giving your reviews. Share your review on social media about the food, restaurant, delivery service, or just anything about your culinary experience on Supermeal and we will reward you with more credits in your cashback wallet.

With Supermeal everything is instant. Instant cashback on your order or your referral’s order, instant cash on your review, there is no delay or waiting time for you to get or redeem your credits.

To put in all in a nutshell, your Supermeal Cashback Wallet is never empty. We are going to change the landscape of Dubai’s online food delivery services, our super guarantee on that!

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1 year ago

Great write up